SloWednesday Fed Up Poster
Rolling Stone calls Fed Up, “a movie that matters”. It is a documentary indictment of the modern American diet. Executive producer and narrator Katie Couric joins Laurie David (An Inconvenient Truth), Regina Scully (The Invisible War) and Stephanie Soechtig (Tapped) to reveal how the U.S. government subsidizes a food system that has given us unprecedented levels of diabetes and obesity. The film shows how the food system, with support from your tax dollars, is structurally […]

SloWednesday: Fed Up

This post is aimed at those participating in Crop Sourcing: Project Garlic, but applies to anyone that has the good sense to have planted garlic last fall. Starting in late May or early June, hardneck garlic will put out scapes on top of the plant. The scapes are usually in a curly Q shape and end in a point, that will eventually bulb out and produce bulbils and possibly true seeds. Some of our Project […]

Garlic Project – Time to Enjoy Scapes

Slow Food St. Louis presents the 11th Annual Feast in the Field on Sunday, June 12th from 4-8pm at La Vista CSA Farm near Godfrey, Illinois. Feast in the Field is an intimate evening of farm-to-fork dining located on picturesque La Vista Farm on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River. With 255 acres of woods, pastures, and gardens, it is the perfect setting to enjoy the rich bounty of local food and beverages. This event […]

Feast in the Field 11 – June 12

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