Small Farm Biodiversity Microgrants

Slow Food St. Louis has awarded approximately $67,000 to over 50 farmers since 2009 supporting the cultivation of hundreds of different heirloom varieties and heritage breeds.

In 2016, we revamped our microgrant program to focus on our core values: good, clean, fair food.

Slow Food St. Louis is proud to announce our 2017 Good, Clean and Fair Grower Grants. The grants are intended to fund small farmers and other growers of food (community groups, etc.) to work on projects that promote the Slow Food ideal of good, clean and fair food. As such we are interested in projects that produce food that tastes good and is good for us, is accessible to all, is produced in a clean way that does not harm the environment or animal welfare, and producers should receive fair compensation for their work.

Additionally, we put a high priority on projects that increase biodiversity, especially those that include production of Ark of Taste items. We also earmark 1/3 of the grant funds to go to projects that work to address social justice through food, with a specific interest in projects that promote food growing as an income-generating activity. Grants awards generally are $1,000-3,000, with a total grant pool of $10,000-15,000 for 2017.

This represents a retooling of our Farmer Biodiversity Microgrant program. We are inviting past grantees and other farmers and organizations we are familiar with to apply for the 2017 grants. We expect that we will have a broader call for proposals for the 2018 grants, however grant proposals are by invitation only at this time.

All grant recipients will be expected to present their project experience and/or do a tasting event featuring the product at a Slow Food meeting if requested. Finally, we require updates including a report containing a summary of expenses, success of harvest, where products were sold, and other relevant information.

We will post updates periodically.

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