Slow Food Children’s Gardens

Childrens’ Garden Grant Applications Are Open Until Sept. 15th!

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To receive an application, send your info using the form below. We will email you the application form. To learn more about the program, read on!

Slow Food Saint Louis is committed to helping all people learn about good food and where it comes from. This includes children! By empowering teachers to reach children on the issues of growing food and incorporating it into their diet, we hope to plant the seed of change in the next generation.

Slow Food Children’s Gardens are learning gardens that have programming specifically for youth. They engage children ages 1-18 in planting, tending, and harvesting their own vegetable crops. By involving children in the process of growing their own food, these gardens help them see vegetables in a whole new light.

Slow Food provides support to the Children’s Gardens in a number of ways. We provide seeds and funding for garden infrastructure. We create a network of individuals who are dedicated to the cause. Our national network, Slow Food USA, provides comprehensive educational materials for teachers who want to create a garden program, but might not know where to start. These materials range from sample garden layouts to an easily adaptable template for year-round curriculum.

Make sure to reach out if you are planning a garden for teaching youths, and we look forward to growing together! Announcements about the grant cycles for our Slow Food Children’s Gardens will be posted on this page.


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